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Are you new(ish) to the photography game and ready to start building out your photography business?? Congrats if you are, that’s so exciting!

When I was first starting out in 2013 I was overwhelmed by all the things I needed to get myself up and running. A website. Email provider. Client management system. Editing software. Equipment…and on and on…you feel me, don’t you??

It made me dizzy. And when I got overwhelmed I shut down and things took way longer than it should have. 

Well, I’m going to share with you three of my favorite helpful photography subscriptions that have helped me tremendously as a photographer. These are my affiliate links and I will make a small commission on them (so will you, if you use my links!) I use all of these businesses, swear by them and am happy to recommend them to fellow photographers 🙂

Website Builder : Showit

Before finding Showit I used a few other platforms that just didn’t suit me. Too much coding, not enough flexibility or features and after two websites I just didn’t like, I finally landed on Showit for my website.

Showit makes it soooo easy to design and update your site because it’s literally drag and drop. It is mobile responsive and their customer service is awesome for any questions that come up (and they will come up!).

I’ve been a happy Showit customer since 20219.

Katie Pugliese Photography website

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Client Management System: Sprout Studio

Ok so for about five years my client management system consisted of excel spreadsheets to keep track of my income and expenses. I hand did all of my contracts in photoshop, drafted an email for every single client and my email was a mess trying to keep track of all of my client communication. It took FOREVER to onboard a new client.

Now, enter Sprout Studio

It’s an all-in-one platform to smoothly run your business. Send out your booking proposals, emails, questionnaires. Showcase your beautiful work in client galleries where your clients can view, download, and order products. 

Send out invoices. View reports. The list goes on and on. I would be lost without Sprout Studio

Sprout studio dashboard

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Email Platform – Flodesk

Seriously, growing an email list and sending out emails to your potential clients has never been easier if you use Flodesk.  

The design templates are beautiful! Easily create sign up lists for people to join your email marketing campaigns, freebie delivery and even a check out page if you are selling a product. It’s amazing! And it’s intuitive to use. 

Every August I send out the Fall Mini Session sign up email and sell out my minis by September. I love not needing to push my fall mini sessions on social media. I’m sending to those who want to hear from me and are more likely to book. It’s so easy and I love how my emails look!

Flodesk email template

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There you have it! My three favorite helpful photography subscriptions! I hope they help you as you take your photography business to the next level, I’m rooting for you!!

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My Three Favorite Helpful Photography Subscriptions

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December 12, 2023

3 Must have subscriptions for photographers