Having a baby soon and want to get those precious first few hours and days documented at the hospital (also know as fresh 48 newborn photographs )? Then read on because I’m sharing three super easy images to capture.

I know at some hospitals there are still visitor restrictions so having a birth photographer take these photos for you may not be an option.

As a mother who has birthed three children I know how special those photos are. So if you are one of these women who was planning on a hospital photo session and now can’t have one, I’ve got you covered and guess who the photographer is? YOU! Or your husband, spouse, partner, hey even a nurse, yep, I had a nurse take a photo for me!

You do not need a fancy camera, even your cell phone will do. The point is not to have super polished professional photos but to get you inspired for some good old fashion DIY so you have something to remember this time by.

You cannot get those first few hours and days in the hospital back so, if it’s important to you, read on and get my tips for taking your own fresh 48 newborn photographs.

1. Baby in your Arms

It doesn’t matter if you’re a swollen, sweaty mess, hold your baby, close your eyes and take in the moment. There’s nothing like it.
Newborn Hospital Photo
black and white newborn hospital photo

2. Baby in Dad’s arms.

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing dad as a big pile of mush as he holds your new baby.
Father holding newborn baby in hospital
fresh 48 newborn photos

3. Baby Swaddled up in the Bassinet or on the Bed

So tiny and sweet. Your baby’s first photo shoot. The nurses have the best swaddling techniques out there so use their baby burrito swaddle to your advantage.
fresh 48 newborn photos
Newborn baby at hospital
Fresh 48 Connecticut Photography
fresh 48 newborn photos
Newborn baby at hospital

See, told you this was simple. Let’s recap: mom and baby, dad and baby, and baby in bassinet or bed.

If you want more tips I’ve created a FREE ebook with tips and tricks to get SIX images of your newborn at the hospital including a parents’ favorite, the sibling photo, tiny details and let’s not forget the first family photo!

Fresh 48 Photos Ebook

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If you have a friend or family member that could use this tips please share with them.

Wishing you a safe and healthy delivery. Enjoy those baby snuggles!!

Katie Pugliese is an on-location, natural light maternity, newborn, child and family photographer specializing in emotional modern photography. Serving all of Connecticut. 

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Fresh 48 Newborn Photographs to Get at the Hospital

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October 13, 2022

fresh 48 newborn photos