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I’m going to get real with you all for a minute. It may seem like my life is picture perfect (pun intended, sorry couldn’t help myself) on social media, but it’s not always roses. If you are a parent then you’ll be able to relate to this: parenthood is friggin hard! You give everything you have for your children and whatever is left over of yourself after they go to bed is what you’re left with. And back in the beginning of 2016, quite frankly, I was overwhelmed with adjusting to our new life with two kids, and I barely recognized myself.  I thought seriously about putting my business on hold for a bit.

Now if you know me and/or worked with me you probably know how much I love photography. I absolutely love what I do and sometimes I have to pinch myself that I landed my dream job. I’ll admit it now, I was feeling really sorry for myself back in the doldrums of winter. Between chasing around a toddler and caring for an infant all day (and night) I was sustaining only by the never ending cups of coffee I consumed on a daily basis. I seriously questioned if I could have it all—my dream job of photographer coexisting peacefully with mommy life.

I wanted it all, but I was tired. Like really really tired. Thinking intelligently between the hours of 8 PM and 1 AM is hard after a day full of small humans and their nonsensical tactics. I was frustrated to say the least that I couldn’t put as much energy into my business as I could into being a mother. Then I got the kick in the pants I so desperately needed from my husband.

This is the hubby, isn’t he cute? He’s the most amazing husband and father to our boys. Any reason to wear his beloved Whalers jersey is a good reason and the man can multitask…getting in a workout while wearing Owen around the neighborhood!

He told me that running a business wasn’t an easy thing to do, but if I wanted it, I had to be all in. No kinda, sorta, complain about it want it. I had to WANT it. His pep talk kick started a total revamp in my mindset, business practices and branding. He set me up with a small business counselor and loan advisor and told me that whatever I needed to do to get my business on track to do it and he’d be there to support me. That was all I needed: a reminder that nothing worth doing in life comes easy. It takes hard work, determination, lots of coffee and an incredible support system. In early spring I went “all in” and invested in new equipment, took a marketing course, rebranded with a new logo, website, packaging, the works! It was time-consuming and required lots of intelligent thinking, but it was worth it because I got myself back on track and my zest for success was never stronger.

New logo, packaging and branding for KPP!

So before I thank my awesome clients that hired me this year, I have to thank my wonderful husband, Jeff, for supporting me without hesitation, picking me up when I was down, and most of all for believing in me. I love you, our boys and the life we have created together.

My world in a three iPhone photos. Incredibly blessed.

Now to those amazing clients I just mentioned. When I take a look back at all of the sessions from this year I can do nothing but smile. I was lucky enough to see so many familiar faces, in fact I photographed 19 families this year for the third, fourth, even fifth time! I’m at the point where I’ve done multiple newborn sessions for clients as their families have grown and I’ve met so many new families this year that I can’t wait to see again…even if it’s not for a photo session! This year turned out to be my best year yet and I’m so so happy that I didn’t give up. Thank you to each and every one of you that gave me the opportunity to capture precious moments in your lives. Thank you for referring me to your friends and family. Thank you for sending me kind words, when self-doubt about my work creeps in I go back and read those kind notes for a much needed pick-me-up. Thank you, just thank you.

And finally here’s a look back at 2016. You may spot someone you recognize!

Year-End Thank You
CT Family Photographer
CT Newborn Photographer

CT On Location Photographer
CT Natural Light Photographer
CT Natural Light Photographer
West Hartford CT Photographer
CT Lifestyle Photographer

Thanks for looking back on my year that almost wasn’t. I know many of you can relate to the work life/mommy life balance. The struggle is real! I tip my cap to all of you mamas who “make it work” somehow.  Cheers to 2017 and all that it has in store! I wish you a year ahead of chasing your dreams, taking a step in that direction, even if it’s a baby step, it’s a start, and realizing you can do anything you want…if you want it bad enough.

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2016: The Year I Almost Quit

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December 29, 2016

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